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Hi Everybody! I am a christian teen who wishes to share his ideas on the web, and ultimately, create an online christian teen community. This blog is new, but I am hoping that you will be impacted by what I write and become a member of this online community. I have been greatly inspired by Alex and Brett Harris at and David Platt at thank you for reading!

Friday, February 18, 2011

There Must Be More to Life than This

You all have probably heard this phrase before, whether in a book or a movie. Someone at some point, often times an older person, wonders if there is more to life than the everyday things we do: get up, work and play, eat, drink, go back to sleep, and doing it all over again the next day. Oftentimes an entire story revolves around this as the character discovers a deeper something that is more than the norm. And when we Christians see this, we always say to ourselves, “Yeah, there is more to life than this: There’s God.”
         Now it’s ok to say that, in fact its great to recognize that fact, but think of what you are doing this week. Most likely school, homework, and then hang out with friends and on weekends go to church and have fun. There is nothing wrong with this lifestyle; however, I feel that there is more to life than that. Yes, it is a Christian life, and yes, you may be a radical follower of Christ, but there is more to life than that. God has a specific plan for each of us, but He also has a general plan for all of us. What is the general plan? To go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit. The general plan is to spread His word through all the nations, and do His will to disciple all parts of the globe.
         So the question is, will you see that there is more to life than this? This walking around day after day, a life based on enjoyment? This life that we live here in America as Christians is good. We work diligently and when we’re done we can play. That is our current mindset, and it’s not a wrong one, but there is more to life than that. There is fulfilling the individual and general purposes that God has destined for our lives, whatever that may be.


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  2. Great article Josh - made me stop and think about my priorities for the I pleasing God or just myself?