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Friday, December 20, 2013

God and Science Part 2: Creation

   One of the greatest debates in history is the debate over creation. How was the universe made, how did we all get here? These questions have been answered by various religions and sciences, but none of them seem to offer definite answers. Today I'm going to logically show what I believe and why I believe it.
     First off, the universe. Did this universe come about by chance, a random mixing of chemicals, or was it created by something or someone? The answer that most people attribute to science is the Big Bang Theory. This is the idea that one day a random particle started expanding into what is now known as the universe. What this theory doesn't explain is the origin of that original particle and the space it was in. Imagine an empty room. Outside of this room, there is nothing else, only this room. Inside the room is a set volume, a volume which starts expanding and turns into furniture, air, food, everything a typical living room has. Now we can say that our Bang created everything in the room, but we can not say that it created the room itself, because the room must have existed for the Bang to take place. Another question I have is time. Did time begin with the Big Bang, or was it something that was always there?
     I personally have so many questions regarding the Big Bang Theory that have yet to be answered. I find it a bit of a stretch to say that nothing created something. I have never seen that happen. I don't have enough faith to believe that, instead I find myself forced to think that everything had to be created by something. I do not find it logical or plausible that the universe was not created by something. But then that brings us to a critical question: if the universe was indeed made by something, then how did that something come into being?
     This is the exact problem I pointed out with the Big Bang Theory, and it is indeed a troubling one. First off, this something would have to have existed before the universe. But if that is the case, then it wouldn't be bound by time and space, and how did that time and space get there? The only solution to this contradiction is if that something were to exist outside time and space. Only something not bound by time and space can create it.
     Now things are getting a little confusing. For something to live outside of time and space is impossible for the human mind to fathom. We can not understand such a concept because we ourselves are bound by time and space, so we can not understand something beyond what we are bound by. Consider the example used in the last article. If we all lived in a two dimensional space, where everything was flat, how could we imagine the existence of height or depth? The only reason we understand the third dimension is because we live in it. In the same way, there may be things that we do not understand because we do not live in it. So if something were to exist outside of time and space, we wouldn't be able to understand it because we ourselves do not live in that "dimension."
     Now say that something does live in a higher dimension, is not bound by time or space, and created our universe and everything in it without being affected itself. While to some this may seem far fetched, I find it far more believable than the universe creating itself. But we still haven't answered the question of how that something came into existence. The answer to that is simple: something that lives outside of time and space doesn't simply "come into existence." It has to be something that is always there and is timeless, because one can not have a beginning without a concept of time.
     So in order for me to think of a logical way for the universe to come into existence, the only thing I can think of is something manipulating it from outside itself. A painting does not paint itself; it is painted by a painter. If this world is the two-dimensional canvas, then there has to be a three-dimensional painter. Perhaps I may not be able to absolutely prove the existence of the painter, but I can not absolutely disprove it either, and from a logical standpoint, I see no other way that a painting can be painted.
     This something that lives outside of time and space and can create a universe must be pretty powerful. It would have to be powerful enough to create galaxies and smart enough to design laws of nature. This concept sounds pretty close to the concept of God. By logic, I have to see the universe as created by a higher being, or God, given the evidence I have explored thus far. So back to the question. How was the universe made? I believe that the universe was made by God. That's it. Nothing more and nothing less.

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