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Hi Everybody! I am a christian teen who wishes to share his ideas on the web, and ultimately, create an online christian teen community. This blog is new, but I am hoping that you will be impacted by what I write and become a member of this online community. I have been greatly inspired by Alex and Brett Harris at and David Platt at thank you for reading!

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Josh's Legacy

A Video In Remembrance of Joshua Hernandez

If you would like to support Josh's family, you can buy a t-shirt here

Or, you can make a donation at

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  1. This is a wonderful video tribute. You have skills. The video made me want to cry. I wish I had the chance to know him. I can see that he served God and he was a good person. It's so sad and heartbreaking he had to die so young. And its good that you were blessed to know him. I am amazed that God led you to do this and I hope to see more videos from you in the future. Maybe you could go into media arts or something. I will continue to keep his family in my prayers. #LIVELIKEJOSH. God bless.